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Welcome to Miss Karen's Frozen Yogurt!

Quality is a priority and we demand that each and every serving of our premium frozen yogurt be made with only the finest and freshest ingredients.
So, over the years, you, our customers have come to expect such a superior product and we encourage your high standards. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Miss Karen's is still the only frozen yogurt on the market today with the flavor advantage system.

Flavor Advantage System

Flavor Advantage Sytem

Over 60 Flavor Cups

The Miss Karen's Flavor Advantage System is the innovation that allows you to reduce your inventory and increase your flavor variety all at the same time!

Featured Mix Flavor - Chocolate Chip Cookie

Mixing It Up Ideas

Featured Mix Flavor


one flavor cup Chocolate Malt
one flavor cup French Vanilla
one flavor cup Chocolate Macadamia

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News & Media

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Service Locations - We might be in your area

Service Locations

We Might be in Your Area

Miss Karen's services 20 states on the West Coast and we have partners that allow us to reach the entire country.

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